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April 7, 2010
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PRIME BE WITH YOU... by dovianax PRIME BE WITH YOU... by dovianax
YAY!!! My first digital painting from scratch. Ok, now I can say I've done it, so I don't have to do it ever again. THIS TOOK TOO LONG!!!! Though I must say I like the results.

The return of Optimus Prime was a big deal when I was a kid, and when they announced it I was like "HALLELUJAH!!! HE'S BACK!!!" And when they bring him back in the hate plague 2 parter (28 days latter anyone?) they even gave him a half assed "You've got the Touch" moment with the Matrix, and yeah, half assery and all, I was LOVING it!!! Then after that they did the shitty Headmaster mini series and canceled TF completelly (at least in the States :( )

I've been meaning to do this piece for the longest time, but never actually thought on how to execute it. I was always fascinated with the parallels between Christ and Prime. I won't get into them, but TF fans know what they are, and there are ALLOT! I always wanted to do a piece like the famous depictions of old of resurrected Jesus, having the Matrix of Leadership as the Sacred Heart and even show his Stigmata from his life ending battle with Megatron (can you tell I was raised Catholic? ;p). I didn't battle damage him too much because as the Christ depictions show, he was nice and clean and beautiful, but only showed his death wounds, which in Prime's case his weakness is apparently his side and his grill =p

My wife already warned me that this piece will take over the internet like an outbreak of herpes in the Jersey Shore, and against my better judgment, I won't put a watermark on the piece for respect of those fans of mine who will really dig this. What I do ask for is that you remember little 'ol me when viraling the shit out of this and give me some credit or at least a link.

Thanks... and Prime bless you.
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In a way, Optimus is like Jesus.
Somebody please make a picture of Jesus and Optimus Prime brofisting
DarkTholt Feb 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Unwritten-Lyrics Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hail Optimus Christ!!!

I believe Optimus Christ died for my sins and will return to save us once again. :)

Praises to Optimus Christ!!!
heh Awesome work here
All hail the son of Lord Primus and the Virgin Alpha Trion! ... That doesn't sound right. ... How about, son of a giant cube, or son of some Quintesson? ... Now that last one is just sick. :XD:

Great job :thumbsup:
Hah! Awesome!
I just didn't get it until I read more as I'm Unitarian.
It is a beautiful artwork and warm colours. I can relate to this image because Optimus Prime, is more than just a character I believe represents more as a savior like our Lord Jesus Christ and I thank you for doing such a wonderful job to make this living icon as a blessing to all us fans. Til All Are One!
As far as joke religions go, Primeism (Autobotism? Optimism?) will be one of the best. Not only there is already a mythology (G1), but believing in giant robots from space coming to save you, is more awesome than FSM and Googleism.

And on the more serious note, yes. Optimus Prime can be seen as mythological archetype of "rebirthing hero".
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